Consumer Protection

MDR Public Affairs serves the Canadian professional licensing and regulatory bodies by overseeing a suite of digital platforms that support and promote the sector’s consumer protection mandate.  We created and manage, a digital toolkit intended to increase the public’s awareness of regulatory bodies and the work they do to protect the Canadian public.​

Currently, the toolkit contains:

Canadian Regulatory Guide

The most comprehensive available directory of Canadian regulatory bodies with links to websites, public registers, information on filing complaints, and discipline decisions.

Canada’s go-to site for employment opportunities in the regulatory sector.

Last Week’s Listings

A weekly newsletter of the latest career opportunities in the Canadian regulatory sector.

The Registrar Magazine

In March 2021, a free monthly digital magazine for the Canadian regulatory sector will launch. The Registrar will feature news and stories about consumer protection, with a peek into the work and lives of the people who dedicate their careers to protecting the public interest.